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"They said our generation had no purpose. This was the bad news.. and the good."

5 September 1988
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Well, my other journal is lilymc. That's my main journal. This one is simply for posting pictures and telling tales about my venture with Katimavik this year.

Their LJ Community is katimavik. Shocking I know.

Anyway, here's my itinerary.

September 27th 2006- Maple Ridge, BC (via Abotsford, BC) to Redvers, SK (via Regina, SK)

January 10th 2007 - Redvers, SK (via Regina, SK) to Drummondville, QC (via Montreal, QC)

April 4th 2007 - Drummondville, QC (via Montreal, QC) to Fredricton, NB

June 27th - Home (Maple Ridge, BC)

So, yeah... this is my Katimavik Journal. Yayyy me!
And away I go!